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Hello everyone.

Welcome to Oh, my Math Class! by Prof Oh.

This site is created for students with helps and tips on mathematics, counselling on college education, and anywhere in between.

I come to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I'm currently working for the department of mathematics at the College of Letters and Science at the National University. I hold three graduate level degrees - Master in Business Administration, Master of Science in Physics and Master of Science in Materials Science. After spent number of years in IT and Web industry, I turned my career to teaching for higher education institutes including National University, DeVry University and California College in San Diego for the past 10 years.

With my teaching for college students, I also spend a great deal of time to help students from high school, middle school and grade school who thrive to develop the highest level of math skills.

If you are looking for helps to prepare math tests of SAT, ACT, AP and many other standardized tests, please let me know. I can help you by one-to-one tutoring, study group, or online class.

For students of grades from 4 to 9 looking for developing fundamental math skills, please visit our center in Convoy area. With the initial assessment and review of your school math classes, I can offer you personalized math curriculum to strengthen you math.

I'm here to mentor for fruitful struggle to enjoy math!


Oh, my Math Class! by Prof Oh

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